Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

VENTOS ERUDITOS – ASSOCIAÇÃO, email:, hereinafter “Ventos Eruditos” or “we”, uses cookies to continually improve the experience of visitors to its Website. Cookies can directly enhance that experience (for example, by remembering your choice of language and other specific settings) or may even be necessary to provide the services you legally and properly request (for example, by remembering your selection of cookie settings).


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a web page. A cookie usually contains the name of the website of origin, its duration (i.e. the length of time the cookie will remain on your device) and a value (which is usually a randomly generated unique number). The information collected does not identify the user, only the computer used.

Thanks to cookies, Ventos Eruditos can, for example, ensure that the information displayed on the screen during the user’s next visit to the website is adjusted to the user’s preferences. With the help of cookies, Ventos Eruditos can also identify the most popular sections of its Website, as they allow Ventos Eruditos to know which pages users visit and how long they spend browsing them. Based on this aggregated data, we can adjust our Website to better reflect visitor preferences and provide a more customer-oriented experience. Finally, cookies may facilitate the use of certain third-party applications, such as social media links. The use of this type of technology is common practice, it does not harm the users’ equipment and the different browsers allow each user to have the possibility of refusing its use and/or to proceed with the deletion of those that have already been stored.


We may use two types of cookies on our website – “session cookies” and ” permanent cookies”. Session cookies are temporary and only remain on your device while you are browsing the website. Permanent cookies remain on your device even after you have finished your browsing session.

With regard to their origin, we can also divide cookies into “necessary cookies” and “third-party cookies”. Necessary cookies are placed on the Website directly by us to enable its regular navigation, improve its functionality or to meet legal requirements. Third party cookies are cookies that are placed on the Website by third parties chosen by us to support some features of the Website.

As for their division, cookies can be: necessary, functional, analytical, or external functionality.

Type of cookiesWhat is their purpose?How do they affect your privacy?
Necessary cookiesThese cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the website. They make it possible to navigate on the website and use its features. For example, this type of cookies allows you to navigate from one page to the next and store information necessary to complete forms.These cookies are applied automatically for the duration of each session or for longer periods depending on their purpose. Since they are necessary to allow you to browse the Website on a regular basis or to meet legal criteria, you cannot disable them. If you prefer that cookies are not installed on your device, you can stop your visit to the Website at any time.
Functionality cookiesThese cookies record your choices in areas where you have provided us with personal information (such as your username, language or the region you are in). These cookies may also be used to remember changes you make, for example, to text size, fonts and other parts of the Website that can be customized or to remember your browsing history or the fact that you have already visited the Website.The information these cookies collect may include technical information which is processed according to your visit and which is associated with your device, although you will remain anonymous. You have the ability to choose not to allow their use or to manually disable them in your settings, although this may influence your experience on the Website.Sometimes these cookies may be set to memorize personally identifiable information that you have disclosed, such as your username or profile picture. When disclosing such personal data, you will be asked for your consent or at least clearly informed of our privacy rules.  If you decide to disclose your data and request specific services, these cookies will be necessary to provide these services.
Analysis cookiesThese cookies are third-party cookies (e.g., Google Analytics) that help the Website understand how visitors engage with the Website (e.g., identifying how visitors arrived at the Website, what operating system and browser type visitors used, the time and duration of the visit, what pages were visited, visitors’ age, gender, and interests, among others).The information these cookies collect is not linked to an identified or identifiable person and is used primarily for statistical purposes. They allow Ventos Eruditos to better adjust the website and its applications to the diverse needs and desires of its visitors. We request your consent for their use.
External functionalitiesThese cookies are third-party cookies that we choose to place on the Website to enhance its functionality (for example, to ensure that you can use widgets for Facebook, Twitter, and others directly on the Website, redirect you through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or monitor your geolocation to direct you to the nearest dealer if necessary).Usually, these cookies are associated with your personal device or even with the personal data you decide to include in the relevant social network platform. You can always decide whether to authorize their use (directly or implicitly, by requesting such a service).


When entering the Website for the first time, you will be prompted to allow the use of functionality, analytics or external functionality cookies. These cookies will only be installed upon acceptance.

The required cookies will be installed on your device the moment you enter the Website, since its proper functioning depends on them.

The message displayed will contain a link to our Cookies Policy if you would like to see more information about how we treat cookies.

The notification bar will no longer appear on your screen on subsequent visits to the Website, but the option to remove cookies will remain available through your browser settings.

How can I manage the use of cookies?

We cannot interfere with your browser’s cookies settings nor can we disable cookies which you have authorized to be installed or which are necessary to allow you to navigate on the Website. However, you can always change your browser settings to delete or prevent the storage of various types of cookies on your device in the future without your further intervention. You should be aware that by disabling or deleting cookies, our website may not function properly.

The “Help” section of your browser should provide information on how to manage the cookies’ settings directly in the browser. Learn how this works in your browser here: 


Ventos Eruditos may update this policy at any time. In such case, any changes will be highlighted on the Website and/or the brand pages so that you are aware of the need to refer to the policy again. No change will imply a restriction of your rights under applicable law.



To see the exact list of cookies used by Ventos Eruditos, how long they are active, when they expire, their domain and/or name, you can check your browser settings.

At the following link is a quick guide that explains how to do this depending on your browser: